Dyno Terms & Conditions

All Dyno Shoot Out Days are strictly pre book events only.

A non refundable deposit will be payable on all shoot out days and dyno hire.

In the event of a poor club turnout, all dyno fees will still be payable at the minimum rate agreed. Example : If you book a Dyno Shoot Out Car Club Day and only 3 of your club turn up, you will still be liable to pay £384 (Minimum of 8 cars).

Payment is strictly paid in advance.

Complimentary food & refreshments is subject to availability, meeting the requirements for the minimum numbers of attendees and is weather permitting.

No responsibility is given or implied for any damage caused to your vehicle or components whilst using the rolling road. If your engine detonates or components fail on the rolling road, it was going to do it on the road, strip or track !

Any vehicle that appears to be dangerous or in a poor state of repair or maintenance will be refused access to the Dyno Cell Facility. No refunds will be given. Its your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is in an acceptable state of repair on the day. Any additional work required to make your vehicle safe will be chargeable and subject to availability of one our technicians.

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