Chassis/Suspension Tuning

Chassis/Suspension Tuning @ POWERSTATION

PCP @ POWERSTATION pride themselves in working with some of the market leaders in the supply and development of our handling and suspension kits. Recognising and addressing the handling issues experienced by all spirited performance car owners, our suspension packages address the common areas such as, 'over light' steering, 'kick back' through the steering during high G cornering, lack of 'feed back' and 'feel' through the steering wheel, inability to hold a line through a corner and excessive roll and weight transfer during initial 'turn in'. All of these negative characteristics are virtually eliminated with our suspension and handling kits.

Handling Package Prices start from £595 + vat

Give PCP @ POWERSTATION a call today on 01684 296675 for a comprehensive and full bespoke quotation for your vehicle.

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